Won't work - doesn't exist!

About us

The myth of the bumblebee, which supposedly shouldn’t be able to fly, but does it anyway, shows us „won’t work“ – „doesn’t exist“ and how it goes.
According to the laws of aerodynamics the bumblebee can’t possibly fly. However, we have discovered why the bumblebee regardless of this can fly just the same. It generates enough lift from an unequal current through the beating of its wings, evoked through the Bernoulli effect.

Conclusion for us: What seems to be at first glance impossible, can be justified and proven by the second or third glance as entirely possible.

Won’t work – doesn’t exist

"Won’t work – doesn’t exist"- that is our motto.
With this motto in mind, eloona GmbH was established from Oona and Robert Ruf as a family business.
From the begining it has been an important factor to value the environment and therefore also our fellow man. That’s why we source regionality and truely "Made in Germany". In addition, it is our state of mind that: „For every problem there is a solution!“ For this reason we develop and produce high-quality tailor-made products with commitment and passion.

How do we do it?

Team spirit, enthusiasm as well as the joy in doing, fairness, understanding and empathie, discipline, further development, loyality, honesty, courage, trust and reliability…
…we love our values and ideals. That’s why we do our best to live them.

And how do we reach this?

We implement complex customer-projects with discipline and reliability and proceed systematically.

We continuously develop ourselves further, by taking our „Lessons Learned“ from projects and newly attained knowledge from advanced trainings and putting them into practice.

We lay our cards on the table regarding sustainable and fair advice. Through this we are able to find the optimal solution together with our partners.

We work with team spirit, enthusiasm and joy in our daily challenges and prove thereby our determination – not least, with utmost regard for delivery times.

We create trust through our empathie and understanding for the person’s view sitting opposite, to understand and meet that which is really important for the individual. Only then can we offer that which is needed.

We are courageous in making decisions and travelling new paths. That means we establish a learning and knowledge culture which enables us to have innovation with sustainable impact and with permanent magnitude.

We see it as natural to protect the environment through efficient logistics, reusable packaging, sustainable products and efficient energy management. That’s why we call upon all: „Protect the environment – it is simple and costs merely a shift in thinking!“ 🙂