Wire-knitted goods

Just as the spiderweb in nature fulfils its manifold purpose, the technical wire mesh undertakes the various tasks for which it is used. The cobweb – an artwork of fine interwoven threads, is a construction of silk, which allows an extraordinarily wide range of applications. The human being has tried for a long time to take advantage of its properties. It is a counterpart of nature, which stands for the uniqueness and diverse possibilities of technical wire meshes.

„It won’t work, is no-go”

We offer our customers tailor-made solutions, since our technical wire meshes are flexibly adapted to our client’s needs. Depending on the field of application, the knitted mesh requires special technical features.

Technical properties

Thanks to our wide production range, it is possible to manufacture knitted wire meshes with the following properties:


  • knitting width from 10 mm to 1300 mm
  • wire diameter from 40 µm to 0.9 mm


mono- or multi-filament meshes


  • all available anti-acid, heat-resistant and high-alloyed stainless steels
  • aluminium
  • bright and galvanized iron
  • plastic
  • fibres
  • special materials like Inconel™, Monel™, Duplex, titanium
  • common precious metals

Special specifications

material combinations for special applications

Fields of application

The countless possibilities for the processing of our knitted meshes allow the use in various products

Like for example in separation cassettes, demisters, cut-protection components, burners, pressed components, electrical components, safety components, in digitalization, in facade linings, for fashion accessories and much more. Due to its very mobile nature, our mesh is easy to integrate and accomplishes sensational results there where a surface as great as possible but also a flexible stability is to be generated, or there where a networking is needed. Thanks to the option of using material combinations, it is possible to improve even further the performance of the mesh, focused on a specific application.

The main sales markets for wire meshes are, primarily, industrial filtration, petrochemical industry, sound damping, insulation, food industry, medical technology, passenger transportation and architecture.

Made in Germany

We basically use materials from the EU, mainly from Germany. The processing of first-class wire enables the production of high-quality wire meshes, simultaneously contributing to the protection of the environment. We keep transportation routes as short as possible, we hardly produce any waste and use the energy efficiently, thanks to the high quality – in short, we minimize CO2 emissions, we spare resources and live energy efficiency.


All machine systems were enhanced in order to be able to produce as economically and sustainably as possible. We place special emphasis on the continuous improvement of the quality of our knitted mesh. In the field of thick-wire processing, a zero-defect production is a given thanks to our innovation.