Separation Cassettes and Cartridges

We have compared the natural patent moss with separation cassettes and have made very interesting findings. You might certainly ask yourself now:

What does moss have to do with separation cassettes?

The biological surface of a mossed area increases by 30 times due to the moss leaflets. The same occurs with a separation cassette having a mesh filter mat. Depending on the choice of the wire-diameter and the packing density, the filter area of the separation cassette gains considerably more surface. As much surface as possible means a correspondingly higher separation efficiency. Moreover, moss is an excellent fine-dust killer – it acts in a certain way as an air filter. Compared to it, separation cassettes are used as air filters as well, usually as pre-filters. Not bad – this comparison, right?

Technical properties

Separation cassettes with knitted wire meshes offer a wide range of possible applications. Whether for filters in series or for tailor-made solutions, we support our customers in the field of filtration with our in-depth know-how and a variety of technical designs:

Filter sizes

almost all sizes are possible, whether as one-piece or multi-part


practically all geometries, also filter cylinders or filter rings


variable wire-diameter, covers in expanded metal, wave grids or welded meshes, frames as riveted or welded-versions, filter mats made of knitted mesh and combined materials, drainage-holes and drain openings, handles, snap-in brackets, slide-in sheets, enclosures, laser engravings, and much more.


all available anti-acid, heat-resistant and high-alloyed stainless steels, aluminium, galvanized iron, and other materials upon demand.

Fields of application

Our separation cassettes are used in filtration systems for nearly all separation technologies, like in industrial filtration, in the field of wet and dry separation and in the catering industry for ventilation ducts, hoods and other extraction systems. Depending on the application of the separation cassettes, it is necessary to use special material combinations, for example in the oil and emulsion mist separation or in dust-removal processes.

Made in Germany

Quality is our number one priority. For the production of our separation cassettes, we only use high-quality materials, mainly from Germany or the EU. For our customers and care for the environment, we work under the slogan “Power lies in quality” (Friedrich Nietzsche). Thanks to the laser processing in the sheet metal section, we achieve the highest size accuracy. All machine systems have been steadily enhanced and enable a sustainable and resource-friendly manufacture. We accomplish fast delivery times and a high quality-standard with proven production methods.


We are also currently working with enthusiasm on internal and external funding projects. The motto is: “Who rests, rusts” or “a rolling stone does not put on moss”.